Imagine For A Moment

What if you forgave yourself?

What if you gave yourself the grace you afford others?

What if you looked in the mirror and saw what the person who loves you most sees?

What if?

jenvice jenvice
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5 Responses Dec 4, 2012

A relative told me recently that I am a prisoner who holds the key, and I can let myself out anytime. Such a lovely sentiment. Struggling to put it into practice. I hope someone reads this and it helps them.

Wow - I love it when I write things to myself and I don't even know it. Everything truly is projection.

Thanks me - I needed this.

If I did all those,then Grace will be showering me.

Exactly - so start today -

Long ago started,otherwise I won't know Grace.Thanks

Good - me too - but there are times I seem to forget to share it with me.

What if we didn't doubt ourselves? What if....

Even in doubt you can still give yourself grace and love.

what if...
like shoulda...woulda...coulda...hindsight is always 20/20

That is kind of what I was railing against actually