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What If I Had Chosen ... ?

An EP friend of mine, "txwoman2" (btw, she's very bright and very cute) posed the classic, "What if?", question in a story recently. As I age (just turned 60) that thought mind more often. But I know that I have been blessed with a cup that has been more than half full for most of my life. Here's my response to her. "What if ... ?", is the ultimate philosophical question. Your best line is, "Life is full of choices ... and every time you make one decision ... you actually make many ... ". In my life, I have worn many hats: soldier, teacher, coach, husband, father and much more. I like to think that I have been good at each of those things, despite the ups and downs of my life. But after a rewarding life in the Army, I can't help but wonder where I would be today if, instead, I had become a teacher or a full-time college coach. Regardless, I know that I would have been great at each, because I'm that kind of guy, supremely confident and competitive. But when I reflect upon my life of service to my country, especially when I swell with pride as I salute our flag, my hand over my heart for the Pledge of Allegiance in a classroom each morning, I know that I chose right. I still get to teach and coach, albeit belatedly. And when I get my retirement check each month or sit at a VA hospital surrounded by the unheralded heroes that have let us sleep safe and sound, I look heavenward, and thank our Lord, for the choice that I did make. So, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a safe night!"
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Whatever you did or could do would have been your best..and that is very good :)

That's sweet to say. Thanks!

Wow! I loved this story so much. And I completely agree you. One decision can have this amazing ripple effect through your entire life...and sometimes you can't even see the current when it first starts shifting into another direction. I will occasionally go down the "what if road"....but it can be a journey full of uncertainty and melancholy. The grass always seems greener on the other side...but a lot of times that is simply an illusion. So I started looking at my blessings that surround me each and every day...and I try to use my free time going down more worthwhile roads. *smile*


I dunno how
i missed this....
but i did...
first tear of the day....
you rock!!!

Thanks, you're sweet! I'm flattered that I moved you. :)

Thank you for your service!

Well Sir ... first of all, TXwoman can inspire a dead frog to life.

But your response - just - right on. As you know we are of similar beliefs and strengths ... and tho I am successful as well, I always wonder upon what other field I may have had a greater affect. Your thoughts are appreciated on such a day. Thank you!

Thanks H...
first "choke up"
liltear for the
whole day...
i love
the way
thank you

Yeah.....hopefully! Lovely anology.....

Amber xx

Choices? I liked your kinda thoughts too. What YOU do affects what OTHERS do and think of you, however big or small.... have to do things for yourself.....

Do your best.....give your all...treat people as you would like to be treated yourself....and you will sleep soundly each and every night....

What you do throughout life creates who you are now....

Lovely story....


Amber xx

Thank you, sweetie! It's like that old saying, "What goes around, comes around". Live your life as best you can and others will benefit also. Our actions are like ripples in a pond. They effect ripples outward from us touching the lives of all those around us. Hopefully, we ripple goodness.

Habeant that was amazingly beautiful and perfect. I applaud you my friend. Very perfectly said. :)

Thanks! It's easy to think that our life may have been better if taken in another direction. But I try to focus more upon what I have as a blessing. I always know that there are those would give anything to have been able to have had half the life that I've had.

I wish I had 1/2 the life you did. My life isn't nearly as exciting.

It may be hard when you're down, but you have had experiences that people would trade for in a heartbeat. For instance, you live in one of the most beautiful places in America, The Berkshires! Post card towns and wooded landscapes and lakes. And many would enjoy your peaceful solitude in such an idealic setting. That certainly beats an urban life, in my book.

Dang straight it is beautiful here and I love it. But there are many beautiful areas across the states.

Where I live is beautiful! Central Coastal region of California in wine country with almost 300 vineyards and wineries. It's very rural with pastures and rolling hills and just 20 miles from the ocean. But many things make a place nice for living and I hate the liberal politics, the mismanaged state and taxation, and the horrible job market. I'm ready to give this up for somewhere more conservative and hopeful.

Montana hills?

One of my very good friends lives in the Berkshires ... and Hab is right ... lovely, just really lovely. And culture is nearby in the form of Williams & Umass ... and don't forget Greylock Mtn ... I do ... some serious tent sex there :)

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In our lives as American citizens of the United States...I think we let our Armed Forces drift to the back of our minds too much...speaking of VA hospitals..and the way our Vets..especially the wounded Vet..are makes me angry..
But back to the philosophy...dont you think it's fate that you read my story..reflected on it..and wrote your story..and here just before Christmas were caused to look back on your life and appreciate it just a little more?...destiny!

No. I think I checked your profile because I felt guilty that I have not given you the intellectual attention that you deserve, while you have given me lurid pleasure with your beautiful galleries. I am behind my usual power curve in developing a friendship. Your story naturally peaked my racoon-like curiosity to get into your life. When you stimulated my mind, as opposed to your usual affect upon me, I felt compelled to wax philosophic. It was neither fate nor destiny that brought me to you, but rather my wracked conscience and a desire to right a wrong, my laxity towards you. For that free-will decision, I thank God above, who has imbued me with a deep sense of right and wrong. He may shake His mighty head on the days that I languish with your images, but He smiles brightly on the days that I get Him right. That's right, Jesus made me do it! :)

raccoon like curiosity...hmmm...a litle off subject..but to explain the evil side of me..I had a dog named Bone..named because as a pup..we would throw him rib bones that were his size and he would drag them around..he was part mastiff by the way..pound to be bit by a copperhead and died from complications..I cried for days..just recently...
Anyway..I kept his bowls on the back night I would bring him in and the raccoons would come up on the porch and eat whatever leftover food was in his bowl..I noticed they would take chunks of his dried dog food and wash it in his water I began to put out soda crackers..they would take them and out them in the water to rinse them and they would dissolve...they would lick the remnants off their paws while Bone and I laughed at them...Bone always got so upset up til then when they ate his food...not after was like he enjoyed the joke..
Mean..I it really pertains..dont get too

not out..put..we used to be able to edit...xo

That's hillarious! I love a woman with a devious nature. I can just imagine the boyfriend revenge stories that you could tell. When I was a Range Officer in the Army, our Range Control building was out in the boonies. We had all manner of wildlife including mischievious raccoons that would tear into our trash dumpsters. But when we did the obvious and flipped the lids down, the environmentalists in post would ***** that raccoons were trapped and dying in dumpsters around the installation. Of course, my guys and I failed to see that as a problem, but we were commanded to leave our dumpsters open after that. So we retaliated by leaving peanut butter laden chow for our masked adversaries. We laughed our ***** off as we watched those critters trying to deal with their gummy paws and tacky mouths.

that's hysterical...
i love racoons...
they are
lilmasked bandits...

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