I'm making it up or picking it up?

I meet people, and there are always subtleties. Every time, I get hung up on the moment and contemplate the undertone of their presence. There are people that can watch like me, but it is never quite like me. I am ALWAYS intrigued by anyone that I find doing that. 

I happened to meet someone that peaked my interest surprisingly high. Every time I was around him, I could feel the anxiety in the room. As if he was avoiding eye contact, while remaining to observe. Of course, this made it incredibly hard to look directly at him. It was like I was scared that it would be obvious to him why I was looking.
Then when eye contact was finally made, it was not during conversation between us. Further thickening the plot..I wanted him to see me seeing him. I think it tickled his fancy a bit. 

It has been interesting observing him and the way he acts when he does finally interact with me. He gave me and someone else a ride, and I got to sit shotgun. That was quite the experience..I got to know first hand, what it was like to sit in a spot where a significant other would typically be. It was the closest I had ever been to him, and I saw him looking out of the corner of his eye. His demeanor was definitely staged. Everything was just so peculiar. 

The last time he was around, he was dressed in a suit. I didn't even look at him fully when I walked into the apartment. For some reason, I find it hard to walk into an establishment and be flooded with people acknowledging your presence. When I finally sat down and found the right moment to look at him, I was glad that I waited to look. I wouldn't have been able to look at him the way I did, if I had not been patient. He looked so good in that suit, so naturally I didn't allow him to see me acknowledging him. 

What gets me so much is that he found me on Facebook after that. This may not seem like much, but we were never formerly introduced. I had to figure out his name through other peoples interactions. Which means he did the same, plus dug through people to find me. I had to take a second to catch my breath that morning I logged on, then accepted the request of course. 

By taking at least 15 minutes, I was able to notice that he is a Facebook Creeper. He has a page, but doesn't really use it to post things. Just to add friends. Which REALLY intrigued me. It took me a whole 24 hours before I made any moves. I wrote him out a message, and I honestly left it to the chance of a coin toss as to send or not. At first I scrounged around to found a quarter, but failed at completing a fair toss. Then I found a virtual coin toss and the verdict was YES. 

I sent him a message and we have been talking for 3 hours now. I love watching him take 5-10 min to type out a message to me. He will type, then not, then type, then not. I wonder what will happen now.....
Scorpio2468 Scorpio2468
22-25, F
Jan 12, 2013