I Know He's Sad..

I have quite a few cats...I call them farm cats as an excuse for having so many, but they are all my babies. One of my little guys has always been a loner. He was born an only kit, up in the top of the barn and my dad had to climb up to get him. His momma I guess decided it was a safe place to have him, but maybe not so much.

He's always been a bit strange, and never liked being around any of the other cats. When he got a little older he wandered down and started living at my dad's house. He mostly lived outside, but always came in to eat and lay around for a while. At least until he started poking his head around and trying to go in the bedroom or get into something in the kitchen, then he would be sent right back outside. He loved it though, with plenty of little critters to chase and hunt, and love when he needed it.

Since my dad passed away he has seemed kind of lost though. He comes up every once in a while for love, but he still stays down in the woods by my dad's most of the time. When I go down there he comes out meowing and wanting to be loved on though. He won't come up and stay with me, he only stays for a bit and then returns. He seems lonely, and he has lost weight. He used to be a very fat little fella, and now he's much slimmer even though I feed him, and I know he catches all the mice he wants. I feel really bad for him, I know he misses my dad, and I wonder where he thinks he went.
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Ha, I just got a kiss from this story's subject:D Hope you have a nice visit.

I call me cats, "kits" too. he misses his dad. All you can do is take care of him and love him. How long has it been? I have found that it may take time, but kitties adapt - they are survivors. The more love you give him, the better the chances that he will accept things and adopt you. Just give him love, my child....

Since I posted this he has gotten much better, he's still a loner but he always was. Still doesn't like to be inside much, he's been stuck in because he got an abscess on his leg, but he's just about healed up now. He'll be so happy to get back to the woods. But it's been about a year and I think he is ok now.

In my life, I've had 4 dogs and many cats - some outdoor cats and some indoor cats. They both adapt, but cats seem to adapt better. I have 2 kitties that are staying with my wife until I can find a place that allows pets. I have to get my *** in gear and visit them today...I''l be back later :)

Any pet can do that, but cats for some reason seem really given to it. I have one now that is a rescue and it has been a hard time getting her to accept me and the house, we have had her for nearly 8 months, and her home life was not good, the vet took her from the family she was with. Last night, she got up on the bed and crawled under the covers beside me. I think I may be making head way.

He's grieving for your father and waiting for him to come back. If you took him home could he live inside with you? He sounds lonely, but he obviously loves you too. He might love to come and be an inside cat with you.

He won't stay here with me, he doesn't like any other cats. He only lives next door and comes up every now and again to visit. My cats go outdoors freely so I can't really lock him in, and he would hate that. He just came up yesterday for lovings but has already retreated back into the woods.

Crazy cat lady by any chance? Lol

Yes, for sure.

I had a cat whose owner died and that cat was never the same

Yeah, I worry about him, he's such a sweet boy.