Cat Humour

        A Cat's Bedtime Prayer

     Now I lay me down to sleep,
     I pray this cushy life to keep.
     I pray for toys that look like mice,
     And some cushions, soft and nice.
     For grocery bags where I can hide,
     Just like a tiger, crouched inside!

     I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,
     And someone nice to scratch my back.
     For window sills all warm and bright,
     And shadows to explore at night.

     I pray I'll always stay real cool,
     And keep the secret feline rule.
     To NEVER tell the humans that,
     This world is really ruled by cats!


c8lorraine c8lorraine
29 Responses Sep 5, 2009

Oh yes He's *cheeky* alright !

And a gorgeous photo too, isn't that a smile!

Cats are definitely the best company

This is awesome ;) Oh yeah,cats rule the world,my own rules the whole house of mine.It's been 2 years since I have been domesticated by my cat ;P and I wouldn't change it for the whole world.

thank you, it seems to describe my kitties attitude perfectly!

nice poem..i loved it... :)

thanks Amy.<br />
<br />
hugsssssssssss<br />

I liked this lorraine*

I agree, they communicate just as effectively with a tilt of the head or a mischievous look in their eyes !

Oh--got way off topic there---That cat picture brings a big smile to my heart every time I see it....The most endearing thing about my cat is---whenever I look at him--he's doing some totally adorable thing.. even when he jumps on top the frig. Every move he makes--every thing he does is beautiful and graceful or funny. He sits on top of a chair and stares at the light fixture with the fan......He's calculating, "can I jump up there? Is today the day for me to make the leap."

Most of my children and their spouses either were or are presently fire fighters.<br />
My granddaughter is married to captain---fire fighter---two of my grandsons are fire fighters--one of them is the "jump out helicopters" kind. I guess it's a genetic thing---Most of them keep doing it - until they simply can't- for physical reasons--They all get restless when they have to do less exciting type work...My grandson said, "I love being a fire fighter because the people are always happy to see us." My granddaughter is just going to have to accept--being a mother is more important than being a fire fighter. Her husband--the Captain--is home right now--on crutches- with a broken pelvis.<br />
He had a desk job--got bored and went back to the fires...probably can't wait to heal --so he can get right back out there...

Havoc certainly has a pampered life with you, as I expected he has your heartstrings!<br />
<br />
Jumping out of helicopters into fires! What is your granddaughter thinking? She's a mother now!<br />
<br />
The tempting part of adorable I sooo understand, I used to be a foster parent, and the babies and toddlers would melt my heart

Yes --I take all his things--his basket - his box---even his special normandy china dishes lol . .. He has a basket on the coffee table - with a hand made wool the bedroom he has a plastic box on a pedestal--with a throw in it... I' might just turn my apartment over to my son and his fiance' and leave Havoc sitters for the house sitter lol...Aren't families fun---?<br />
At least my kids don't have me baby sitting their horses and packs of dogs any more. My granddaughter has been making noises about getting me to baby sit her toddler--so she can escape back to her job of jumping out of helicopters into fires....I am absolutely NOT going to go for it--He is adorable though--very tempting.

Did you write this C? Quite clever. Most fitting coming from you.<br />
<br />
Big Hugs my friend xxoo

When you go to your daughter's house take a rug or blanket which Havoc prefers it will cut down his stress having something familiar to lay on

Rule! Havoc absolutely believes he is the master of all he surveys....He almost has me believing it too---we are going to house sit for my daughter next month.<br />
10 days in her bathroom --Havoc is terrified of her cat--so he stays mostly in the bathroom and bedroom while we are there. Her cat is a huge Persian---He definitely IS master of all he surveys in HIS territory--I hate to put Havoc through this ---but he recovers quickly when we get home. I love that picture of your cat.....Yours are so affectionate--mine is extremely aloof.<br />
Makes it very clear "I am doing you a huge favor when I allow you to pet me!"

thank you my friend, I think mine use me as their play mate, giving the local mice and lizards a rest

thank you eyeno.... have my cats made me bet !

thank you Amigos

Jsut couldn't help coming out with this impromtu verse: <br />
<br />
Just when i thought every dog has its day, a feline comes over & make me sway, can't you see i'm a little tiger with small paws, this world is ruled by cats & i'm the boss! LOL....

Jujalee - Yes, thats my Leo<br />
<br />
TinyTockley - "rule" is their middle name<br />
<br />
freeed - I had no idea, but their heritage wouldn't surprise me<br />
<br />
womaninbliss - I love the idea of a "laptop cat"

this made me smile! my two cats rule the house and especially rule over the dogs who are noisy and think they are the boss ... cats are just so understated and regal ... one of mine sits on my shoulder while I'm on the laptop ... nice in the cold weather ...

Without cats the world would be missing a BIG piece [peace,too].<br />
Did you know cats all over the world were traced by DNA to a small group of cats - a few thousand - in the Middle East long ago. That's why so many look alike. My friend in New York has a neighbor's cat come to her house every day and I have a neighbor's cat lie in my yard every week that looks so much like her "Milo" that I dubbed the one who sees me "Milo II".


this put a big smile on my face =)! is this a real pic of your cat? looks like mine

Absolutely !<br />
<br />
It's chilly tonight and my cats have taken over the bed, slowly pushing me out as they demand more warmth.

Hahaaa I love this C8....just had a good laugh...and of course I know it's true..."cats rule the world..." :)


Haha nice :)