I have two cats Pudding and Squeaky.  This story is about the older of the two, Squeaky.

Squeaky is about 13 years old now which is getting pretty mature in cat years, so they say.   But she is still very agile and can be quite kitten like at times.   Squeaky is pure black.  Not a speck of white on her fur at all.  She has tiny, dainty feet and we often say that she looks like a ballerina when she skips around for no apparent good reason at all, as cats tend to do from time to time.

The thing about Squeaky which is intriguing, is that she has a very regal look and often sits perfectly still and stares into space, sometimes with her eyes open, sometimes half closed, for ages.  It's as if she is meditating.  Contemplating the meaning of life.  I am sure she will let me know when she's reached a conclusion.  Maybe not. 

I do wonder what she thinks about.  Does she compare her life in the countryside in the West of Ireland to her old life in inner city London, England?  I wonder which she prefers.  I'm guessing she prefers her life in the countryside - she certainly has more space and more room to leap around than she had in our city apartment.  She now has grass and trees and birds to watch.  She sits on the window ledge in the kitchen and watches the birds flying up to the feeders hanging in the trees.  The birds often torment the cats by flying down to the windowsill on the other side of the glass.  The birds know that the cat can't get them of course and that it makes her whiskers twitch, her tail flick back and forth and her teeth chatter with excitement and frustration. 

Squeaky is actually very noisy and very very squeaky.  She's always miaowing and letting you know that she's around and wants attention.  She also purrs really loud too.  But that's not how she got her name.  She was originally one of two twin sister kittens, both of them pure black and they were named Bubble and Squeak (which for the non-Brits is a mixture of mashed potato and cooked cabbage, also sometimes called colcannon).   Bubbles unfortunately died a few years ago. 

Squeaky is a lot more squeaky in recent years, perhaps because she misses her sister or objects to the fairly recent addition of two dogs to the household!  Maybe that's what she's contemplating when she's sitting quietly with her eyes half open - why on earth did they have to get those two awful, smelly boisterous things in the house? 

But we can only guess what she's really thinking about of course, cat's keep their thoughts very much to themselves. 

womaninbliss womaninbliss
51-55, F
Mar 4, 2010