I have no idea why I haven't killed myself yet but the other day I waited at some Train tracks for an hour waiting for the train to run me over
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u got ur whole life ahead of u man i know this days seem tough but u can get through it

what are the reasons that you wish to kill yourself for?

I almost got put in foster care

how come?

My brother stabbed me in the back by accident because it went straight through it

My backpack

well things are okay now right? if you aren't in foster care and still with the fam. even if its recent I don't think you should contemplate killing yourself if you have friends and or family

especially if you have friends or family. Plus we don't know what's after death. I believe in God , but it's not written in stone that there's life after death, so I don't think you should cut this life short especially at your age.

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