How To Oil Paint A Landscape

How to Oil Paint a Landscape
Landscapes have been the subject matter for oil paintings as long as oil painting has been around. A simple landscape is one of the easiest ways for a beginner to get into oil painting. A landscape is what you, the artist, sees. You can make a landscape from your imagination or using a reference photo, but in the end, it will be what you bring to the painting that gives it personality. Learning to oil paint takes patience and the time to develop your skills, but the learning process can be part of the joy landscape painting brings. Instructions 1Plan your painting. You can work from an image, a real landscape, or create something completely from your imagination. Keep it simple the first time around.animal oil paintings for sale. Think about a simple horizon, sky and grass. You might add a couple of trees or a pond. Save the more difficult landscapes for when you've developed further skills and technique.2Start with the sky and horizon line in your landscape painting. Use a medium brush with soft bristle to brush blue or gray onto the canvas, bringing the paint about halfway down the canvas. This will be your horizon line. The color you use will vary depending upon whether you want a stormy or clear sky.abstract oil paintings for sale. Brush the paint on with long sideways strokes of your brush.3Add some hills and grass to your landscape. Dip a medium brush into dark green oil paint and apply it to the canvas in the same way you applied the sky colors. If you want to add a little texture, dab a brush loaded with paint over the hills and grass. This will give it a rougher texture.4Dip a medium brush into blue oils and dab it onto the landscape near the horizon on one side of the canvas. Dab the brush until you've shaped a small body of water..5Load a brush with light brown and apply it to your grass intermittently. This will add depth and shading to the grass and help break up the solid color.6Add a couple of rocks to the landscape to break it up. Use either two tones of brown or a mix of black and gray to give your rocks a realistic appearance. Finish with a few light strokes of white paint blended into the sky to create wispy clouds. You can create thicker clouds by loading a brush with paint and dabbing it on the canvas.
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