Fire Flies

I it is just before dusk and I go out side I look into the field that is our back yard and I see hundreds if not thousands of fire flies. I makes me think and wonder how so many people can take life for granted. Here I am consumed with my life and before me is a hundred tiny bugs that get me to stop and think about more. I realized the beauty of it as the sun went down and there where so many little glowing orbs blinking on and off. Then to make it even more amazing a thunder storm started to roll in the lightening with in the clouds the strikes that were coming out of them it was truly amazing. I realized how unimportant certain things are like money and fame. When in just an instant the things that surround us could destroy us. For the first time on this night I took my 5 year old daughter out and we played in the rain. I watched as she spun around and yell at the top of her lungs. She was laughing so hard that I too had to laugh. The twinkle in her little eyes matching those fire flies. In our busy world I think that we forget these small thing. We forget to stop and enjoy the rain. We forget that some times the small things can have a bigger picture.

Kitty6500 Kitty6500
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1 Response Aug 2, 2009