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Older Men Have My Respect

To me the older men being into to younger women is better for society. men should be with younger women. honestly women dat younger/their age group. the me/boys havent really grew up yet. this leaving older men which guides us. loves us and respects us. thats why i love der men.
BrunetteMama5180 BrunetteMama5180 22-25, F 8 Responses Jan 26, 2013

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You make sense too me! I feel we have so much too offer and worship you younger girls without being obsessive. Well some of us. But as it becomes norm that should change too.

well hello brunette mama

I agree with you. Us older gents know how to treat you younger women like you want! :)

Yes. You do. And put us in our place.

I am a kind and generous man looking for someone to pamper in the charlotte, NC/SC area message me if intereted.

And why we love you back! :)

I would say I agree on many points , many young girls end up really ****** up being in relationships with boys of her own age. I would also say , that girls should rather make their sexual experiences with much older men , eventually progressively going for younger men, when they have some life experience.

Yes,I just turned 57 and my wife is 37.And I still desire those young tight hot girls that make me super hard.

Im an older man and I would agree with you.Its all down to experience.We also know how to treat a lady in public and how to treat her like a **** in private.I also find that younger women nowadays realise the power that they posess over us older mens c..ks!
You go for it! Hopefully with me!