Casual Sex

Her name was Elsie. She was a neighbor in her 50's but to me she had it all. A great *** and nice ****. One night my teen age buddy and I were peeking in windows in the neighborhood. An older neighbor had gone outside earlier with only a bra on up top and we were horny as could be. We never got to see more of that neighbor but Elsie and her husband, Benny saw us looking. Benny said we were lucky he recognized us or we would have had rock salt shot at us. When he found what we were up to he floored me by saying"Why not have my wife. She's nice and still has a figure!" Well it still took a little to get it going. I went over to sell some high school play tickets but when she passed by me and brushed her *** against me I came up behind her while she ironed and cupped her beautiful breasts. She started giggling and turned and ******** me right there. She put my **** in her mouth and I came almost immediately. We went up stairs after she ********. I followed her on the stairs and made her stop while I kissed her wonderful ***. She got into it and came right there. By the time we got to her bed she let me **** her front ways, back ways and up the ***. It was the best ever!!!
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Dec 13, 2012