Curvy Arse

She was 50 and god what a body. Size 14 and all toned. Huge breasts that stuck out. She wore stocking and suspenders no panties. She leaned face first against the wall, stuck her arse out and legs parted in her high heels. It must have been nearly an hour before I came up for air. Her arse tasted divine and it made her and me very wet. She let me *** deep in her arse her perfect body pulsating to the rhythm of my balls slapping against her arse cheeks. She sucked my **** clean with her lips covered in deep red lipstick. She looked stunning with perfect deep shaded make up.
I sucked on her massive breasts and I felt her shudder as she came. I could not resist and went down on her trimmed *****. She lay kronor the floor and straddled me gently moving up and down until she and both *** again. Older women know what they want and how to get it. Big and beautiful.
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Jan 15, 2013