Older Women

I have never really been attracted to women my own age even growing up i liked the older woman to look at. I would always be admiring them! I was the type of girl that would fancy my friends mum or one of my teachers ... which often left me feeling lost because i honestly had no chance of being with an older woman at such a young age. I have always looked young and i have always looked straight too so i had to wait until i was a little bit older for the right woman to come along. I was maybe even a little bit naive when i did have women trying it on with me lol! I realize now i had many opportunities but just didn't see it at the time.

I love an older woman because they are more attractive, sophisticated, loving, caring and they know what they want more ... without all the confusion. (although i know this is def not always the case, even older women don't know what they want and will play their head games).

OOOOOH and MOST older women know what they are doing in the bedroom department ;) x
deadinsideout deadinsideout
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1 Response Sep 9, 2013

So true.

not always ... they are often so messed up with love already!