The Older Woman

When I was a young horny 19 or so year old boy, myself & a bunch of friends had a friend, a girl (let's call her Emma), who was absolutely gorgeous and so it turns out was her 47 year old mother (let's call her Sarah).

Emma's mother lived with her daughter & her son, her husband & her had separated some years earlier. We spent a lot of time at their house in our first 2-3 years of University & used to have parties there etc. They had a nice pool & deck so we used to go there all the time & drink, party etc.

One particular time we had a pool party to celebrate the end of year in our second year of University. A group of us got a lot of drinks & food organised & went to Emma's house, she was not there yet. Sarah showed us in & helped us get organised, it was then that the fun began. Sarah had been having a few drinks & was, let's say a touch horny. Myself & another friend asked if we could get changed for swimming whilst the other guys were organising the party before everyone arrived. Sarah showed us to a spare room & once inside we began discussing how she was a little tipsy & was very touchy feely.

Not long after this Sarah opened the door whilst we were undressed (totally naked) & pretended that she was really embarassed that she walked in on us. She then proceeded to shut the door behind her & lock it. She walked over to the both of us & said "boys, I think you know why I am here".

She walked over, stood between the two of us & pulled us to her & kissed each of us on the lips. When she kissed me she picked up my hand & rubbed it all over her boobs, which were more than a handful. I proceeded to rub & squuze them after which I slipped her singlet top off over her head to leave her ample boobs exposed. She reached down, slid her skirt & panties to the ground, stepped out of them & got down on her knees taking one of our by this time very hard ***** in each hand. She proceeded to suck and stroke our ***** until we were on the verge of *******. She stood up & said "which of one you two is going to **** me"? I took the lead and positioned her so that she could suck my friends **** while I ****** her from behind, to that action she replied "you are a very good boy".

As she started sucking my friends **** again I knew being a young & relatively inexperienced guy that I was going to be there for a good time not a long time. I rubbed my **** against her wet tight hole & pushed my **** all the way inside her & started to **** her, I tried reaching around her waist to rub her **** as I did her from behnd but had troubles. Sarah positioned my fingers on her **** & told me to "rub it fast". I ****** & rubbed her for 5-10 minutes I guess when my friend cried out "I am going to ***", Sarah replied "I will kill you if you *** anywhere but in my mouth". My buddy let out a massive groan as he filled Sarah's mouth & she lapped the entire contents of his bag up & swallowed the lot. This got me to a point of no return & I told Sarah I needed to *** too, she said "shhot inside me", I pulled her as close as I could & shot a series of large bursts inside her, completely emptying my bag too. I was spent. We layed on the ground for a few minutes to recover, got dressed & hit the party. One of the best I have ever been to. Sarah made a pact with us to never tell anyone & we could do it again some time. We never did but we were always treated as her "favourite boys".
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fantastic experience, loved to be one of the boys for sure :-(


very hot~~~sexy~~~lucky lady~~ ;)

Hott!! ;)

mnnm...good story! older women & younger men, very sexy!

Good story.

Great story :) you like older women, as I like older men :)

Awwww Jetfighta....very the older women, do we? Mmmmmnn.