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I Feel Sexier Now More Than Ever!!

I'm not sure what it is.  I think a combination of my children being grown, one is out of the house, and the other isn't home much.  I'm through with menopause, no more hot flashes, no more periods, no more cramps, and no more mood swings.  I am just so much more relaxed than I have ever been.  I enjoy my sex life, and I even want it more now.  I am 51 years old, I definitely feel more sexy, and alive than I've ever felt!!

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 50 Responses Jun 30, 2009

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Can I be your lover

I wonder why so few people think a life can be as much full as without sex!!Because getting involved in one activity is bound to affect another activity which is opposite to it.Like consumerism and spiritualism simultaneously cannot coexist!!

I ' m jealous of your lover. And Enjoy. No better feeling in the world.


Get it girl!! Good for you


Wow Kudos to you girl! I'm late 20s and I always think libido dries up by 30! You give me hope...!! I admire women who embrace aging. I wish i could do the same...maybe one day! :)

Howdy Irish, yesss, Im now 54 and I still feel sexy. I still feel like im in my 20's. Aging isn't always a bad thing. Good luck to you....:-)

TexasLily, sounds like you are an amazing woman, has endured a a friend of mine said one time, we made it through the jungle, have a scar or two, but we are still living.

I agree with mewold, there are times where I just want to ****, but can't do it like when I was in my 20's...oh well.

Unfortunately, I don't **** anymore, however, I do still enjoy my *******...:-D

You are beautiful :D<br />
<br />
Hello there. I am 19 male. My name is Aakash Trivedi. I live in California. Idk where you live but I was wondering if I could give you my number? WE could just talk about anything lol. I can give compliments and try to make you laugh if you are feeling down? 1 408 772 8919. You are very beautiful and it would be fun to talk with. Text or call me? Just make sure you tell me who you are lol. Just trying to be friendly and to show that we love you :) kisses and hugs :)

LOL, your funny!!! To be honest, my husband also gets tired. So I too have to do most of the work. A girls gottta do what a girls gotta do!!! ;-)

It gets bigger ok, but my stammina is lousy. I have to let my sweet wife do all the work. Hey, why the hell am I conplaining??? lol

Mewold, I hope things get back on track for you soon and that things will be BIGGER and BETTER than ever. My husband with his strokes, me with my mental breakdown went through some years there with no sex. Then when we were finally ready, hubby started having ED problems. He was really shy about going to the dr., but he did. I was so proud of him for doing that. Those pills are little miracle workers, or should I say BIG miracle workers, lol.

I am happy for you. I am still a work in progress. Because of my health, the doctors won't give me what I need to have an adequit sex life.

Hello Mewold, how are you. Hope things are good for you!!! I go through times when I want to have sex more than other times. When my Ptsd is acting up, sex is the last thing on my mind. Then my husband started having problems with erections and didnt want to do anything about it. I told him go get checked out. Im too damned young to go the rest of my life without it, lol. Now if it turned out that he couldn't becase of all of the strokes that he's had then ok, thats' different. At least go get it checked out. He still had the will, just not the way. But everythings fine now.

When we get old enough to get all the bullshit sterotypes and inhabitions behind us, sex opens up into a great new world. Where is one other thing about mature women. I, as a man, can't **** all the time and it is so nice to be around a lady that I can actually have an intelligent conversation with. However, the sex is really so much better also. I wish I could **** all the time. lol

Hello Madam, yeah, After I wrote this story. My husband ended up with ED. To make a long story short, he went to the dr. got on some pills for erections and things are better again. It's a pain to feel so sexual inside and for our husbands not to be able to give us what we need. We would do the oral thing but I went for many months without intercourse. I'm happy that he got some help for this. I wish you the best!!!

Well your very welcomed Stevem7!!!

Well thanks for the writings which gave me the ability to comment.

Hello Stevem7,yes, I remember those days. I was very insecure about sex, I'm not anymore!! Thank you for commenting.

The lovely part is here are 3 women commenting while at the peak of their sexual prowess and knowing how good it feels. Let me add that with the 21 y/o's they just giggle all the time while once you ladies get beyond about 35 you go into pleasure mode and make it wonderful for both yourselves and your lucky partners.

Yeah doctor,ain't that the truth and I wonder why it's sometimes like this,I don't know who suffers more the man or the woman.I guess they suffer equally!!!!

proof that there is a devil men reach their sexual prim between 19 and 25 and women dot start to reach theirs until they are in their mid 30's. Once you are in the 40's and 50's bracket it is all messed up. Men or riding down hill and the women are hot to trot.

Hehe ihavapa,I don't know what to tell you,maybe your lookin in all the wrong places.I know lots of women or have known lots of women like this because usually their men cannot keep up.Our sexual appetite seems to get better with age and my husbands lately is going down.We're talking about a trip to go get some viagra cause I can't even imagine my life without sex.Oral sex is great but I want and miss the best part and you know what I'm talking about!!!

TexasLily and al that have responded one question where the heck are all these hot sexy older women, don't to be any where I live or none interested in me.

Hi doctorirwin,I do love men who can make me laugh!!!

I am glad I made you laugh.

LOL,*GASP* why doctorirwin I am shocked as hell,but I like it,I like it!!!!!!

Right now the little Doctor is giving you a standing ovation!!

Hey doctorirwin,yeah I'm sure it must have been the best she had in a loooong time.It's sad that I feel like I'm in my prime as far as how I feel sexually but my husband cannot keep up with me.We do what we can to make things better for our sex life,like oral sex.But I sure do miss the days when my husbands penis would get to the room before he did,lol!!!

Texas Lily I loved your little story and the comments by you and everyone else. I have to tell you that I am in my mid 40's now , but I have always had a think for older women. When I was 23 I had a one night stand with a lady who was 46. Her youngest doughtier had just finished High school. The sex was fantastic. I do not know if it was true or not but she said it was her first affair she had ever had. Also that her husband was a bum ****. However, she defiantly responded as though she had not had sex in any other stile than an old stale one her husband had been giving her. She was happy give me oral sex, but did not want me to give it to her because her husband did not like it nor would he give her any. She told me she was afraid that if she received oral sex then she would love it so much and not get it any more. I did it anyway. That gave her a screaming Or.... I never saw her again after that. She is one of the best 3 lays I have ever had. Over the years I have thought about her fondly, and with a gleam in my eye every time. keep enjoying the sex.

stop, for real.<br />
you just don't seem like a screamer. LOL ok maybe.

Lol,yeeeaahh,I like to scream!!

thank you, i knew you were screaming.

No your not,I took one of them off,lol!!!

never mind i'm seeing things. lol

Hi Myonis,haha,mine doesn't mind either,he tells me all he has to do is look into my eyes and he goes back 27 years,how sweet is that!!!

PTMAN,what r u talking about??

This is what our mothers never told us! At least, mine sure didn't. It's one of the best times of life as far as I'm concerned and for all the reasons you just mentioned. Granted, the face and skin aren't the same as when I was 20, but my husband sure doesn't mind one bit.

hey he heard you the first time. lol

Haha,tingaling me a goddess, far from it!!

tingaling,oh you'll get there again,my friend went through that time and now things are running smoothly again.Hang in there girl!!

Wiseowl,you hit it right on the nail,when I didn't have that fear of getting pregnant it was amazing how my sex life changed for the better.Yes,I am very glad I don't live in a sexless marriage!!

Hi tingalingaling,lol,I love your knew name,it's sooo cute.I hope you feel this way too,well,he does pretty good,he has the oral part down packed!!!

I'm too sexy for my hat, too sexy fo my clothes too sexy..huh, there's no such thing as too sexy..amazing how a woman feels when life's responsibilities and fears of pregnancy is gone. Hubby doesn't mind the new, free girl either. Aren't you glad you don't live in a sexless marriage?

Hi Ladee,yeah we do know what we want and how we want it,lol.Thanks for commenting!!

Lol Thanks PTMAN!!

you go girl, age has nothing to do with the way you can feel, sexy.

Hi crosseyedlemon,yeah Raquel is still as beautiful as she ever was and still very sexy.Yes,reduced stress,ahhhh,lol.Thanks for commenting!!

I remember going through puberty and having the hots for Raquel Welch. She is now 68 and still has that great sexiness about her. I think Lily is spot on about reduced stress being a major reason why older woman are so sexy.