She Was Stacked

It happened in phases. First my Mother-in-law saw me flirting with my wife's sister. She never said anything so I thought maybe I'm not in trouble. When we were having a house built we moved in with her parents for 6 months. Soon after we were there my Mother-in-law came to me and sat close to me and said she had been injured at one time and had chronic back pain. I offered to rub her back but she said that didn't help. She was sitting close so I started to rub her in sympathy. She wore a corset so it was not effective at all. She had a dress on that showed some of her leg. I started to rub her thigh and said maybe I can make her forget her pain for a bit. She moved he legs apart a bit and I got super hard while I rubbed her inner thigh. She wore garters so I was able to feel up her beautiful legs. We were really hot but weren't alone so I backed off. I hate to admit it but my wife was pregnant and when I took her to have the baby I came back to the house to sleep. I woke up and was getting ready to go to the hospital when my Mother-in-law called me into her bedroom. She had her leg up as she was putting her shoes on. I didn't need to say much. I went to her and knelt between her legs. She hadn't put on any panties. I bunched her dress up and began to eat her. She came almost immediately. I kept my mouth there teasing her with my tongue till she pushed me away. She was panting but did not resist my help in undressing her. She had the most beautiful breasts which I licked and teased till she was moaning. She had the most beautiful *** so I asked her to please get on all fours. She looked good enough to eat and I did tease her anus with my tongue a bit before I inserted my penis in her ***** and slapped my body against those gorgeous cheeks. It was over way too fast.
After my wife came home with the baby we had to look for ways to get at each other. It wasn't always easy but because we were in the same house I saw her often in her housecoat and would sneak behind and poke her with my ****. She would pull it for me or suck it if there was time. She knew I was always good for eating her ***** and even sometimes that wonderful *** of hers.
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Dec 14, 2012