My Aunt

My aunt B. made life a bit easier. Things were always tense at my house but there was always a welcome at hers. Growing up I knew there would be affirmation and hugs there when things were bad. I don't know when the transition occurred. She was always touchy feely with her hugs and that was fine. I do know as a growing boy I began to fantasize about her stacked body. She was heavy but that was fine to me.
I know one time when I came over after being beat up by some kids I melted in her loving arms. As she was comforting me her breasts felt so good on my face and as my arms were around her waist I felt the tops of her amazing *** cheeks. I began to get a raging hard-on. I know she felt it but she didn't pull away. She asked me if there was anything else she could do for me? She explained that sometimes men need more comfort when they get beaten in life. She pushed my hands down further on her butt and I felt the fullness of her perfect ***. She had a light house dress on with only panties under and I loved the spongy feel of her cheeks in my hands. I pulled up her dress and dipped my hand under her panties searching for her *** hole. I probed that a bit with my finger. She began to groan and suggested we get comfortable. She asked if I wanted to undress her. I didn't take much time oooing and ahhing at each inch of beautiful flesh. I lovingly kissed her breasts and the beautiful tips till she started panting. She asked me to do her fast and hard right away. I barely got my pants off till i was in her wonderful hot and wet *****. It was great! We both screamed when we came.
She taught me alot. At first I didn't like the smell of her juices but grew to relish the taste of ***** juice till today its my favorite. She also let me grease her *** hole and jam my penis in there. It was tight and great.
I came 5 times that afternoon-evening and left there no longer a beaten up young man but a champion. This was the first of many times together.
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Dec 15, 2012