What I Have Learned....

when someone says "you are making me feel sad (or bad or hurt or whatever), normally that is not the truth. When someone makes us feel bad or hurt or confused or whatever, it is because we are not healthy in that part of our lives. Yes, yes people hurt other people very very drastically, there is no doubt. But say I am standing in line at Costco and some person says to me, "oh geeez that is an ugly purse", or "i dont like your hair" something stupid like that, that people say all the time. Their words dont hurt me, because I know the truth. I like my purse, i dont care what other people think. I like my hair and it is done well, i dont care what other people think.
Example from yesterday. This crazy lady decides she is going to park in between my truck and another truck. She HAD TO OF HIT my truck to get into that little tiny space. So I am walking to my truck and I see her very very close to my truck trying to get out of her teeny tiny parking space back onto the street. I walk up to the front of my truck (while she is in her car) and she is (no kidding) 1/2 inch from my truck. So I look at her like "what are you doing". I get in my truck and she (like a dummy) puts her car into reverse and starts to back up more!! So, I honk the horn. She got all upset because I honked the horn at her. I am thinking, "look lady, it is my truck, you already MUST HAVE hit my truck already and you are so stinking close to my truck again that i am surely going to honk at you. it is my truck, my horn and i will use the horn if i need too'. So that was my thinking. I didnt get hurt or upset because she was cussing at me. I know the truth. If she had used her brain better and chosen a different and safe parking space she would not have been in the situation SHE CREATED FOR HERSELF!! I am in control of myself and make very healthy and wise decisions. I dont get all upset when someone else gets upset and say to them "oh you are hurting my feelings etc etc". I base my feelings for myself or the situation on TRUTH.
mama12345678 mama12345678
51-55, F
Jan 13, 2013