On My Mountain

my log cabin  my favorite time of day is the morning even though i am the only one this mountain top it is full of life as i sip my coffee an the darkness turns to light the birds start chirping its a very peacefull suond than the local woodpeckers that land on my cabin an sounds like jackhammers but they are just part of life here than theres my garden that i have to fix every day cause the moose cant go around it an as the sun starts to shine an the fish are jumping catching bugs an ducks are swiming around theres a baer an her cubs on the back of my pond yes i am the only one on my mountain but it full of life.

lespaulmarK lespaulmarK
9 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Its very nice i Love the Mountains and Wild Life ,

Wow sound amazing! I bet it is beautiful there on that mountain!

Its the best way to live,

When my children were small and I was alone raising them we used to dream about a log cabin in the woods. What we would do, like getting firewood during the day, fishing and making our cabin cosy, swimming in a deep pond by a waterfall and feeding the animals that were not scared of us by the way. Me cooking over an open fire in an iron pot the best stews and knitting them jerseys and warm things by the fireplace. Still today my oldest sons tells me he will do that for me one day. They remember. Those dreams kept us going in hard times.

i wouldn"t have it anny other way

That is the way I would love to live. Me, my guitar and the natural gifts this world has to offer.

my dream is to live in a log cabin someday.

That is beautiful! Do you really live in such a place? If so, you're very lucky. It sounds amazing. Tell us more! How big is it? Why do you live there? How far is the nearest neighbour, or the nearest town?

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