My Long Lost Fairytale

Since the day I start dreaming I'd only dreamt of my fairytale ending. My fairytale story came true but as soon as I opened my eyes to the reality it disappeared like it had never existed. Then I realize I'd lost everything love,life, hope,it almost felt like there is nothing left to live for.My insanity took me to the point where I prefered pain and loneliness than laughter and company.I remember how many days I have spent thinking about him and regreting why we ever get to meet each other and then just fall apart .every  second  i'd spent with him I cherished  every moment of it in my heart. My fairytale start something like that............"I was really  young and naive never 'd seen much of the real world always lived in a cocoon filled with my comfort and joy, but one day when he entered in my life just like in a fairytale there was my prince and I knew it in my heart that we are going to live happily ever after.As I was growing up I start noticing many admirers of mine but my eyes only stuck on one,I'd always had this fear that if I let anyone see the real me and let myself be vulnerable to my emotions it would only lead me to a broken heart  ...............but I'd  opened  my heart for him, my supposively prince charming and I start weaving the nest of my dreams which only lead me to disappointment.................he never broke my heart but my own insecurities and not enough trust in him forced me to leave my fairyworld and to live in a bitter reality which is only filled with his memories and regret of how would it be like if we stayed together and if I had only spend more time with him would I be regreting it right now or I would be regretting why I had spend so much time with him and not listened to my heart and just left him like nothing ever happened .but my experience gave me only this epiphany that.......  I am my own enemy, A villian in my own fairytale.

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1 Response May 1, 2010

Yes, it's the same thing happened to me, I don't even work hard. I just hoping that the fairy could give me everything. It's has been month..