as i was growing up knowing i was not wanted i dreamt of the day i would meet my prince charming and make him blissfully happy and live happily ever after. and if that was not the case there was so many stories i read which took me away from reality. my life had so much potential i belived anything was possible.i had the power to make any fairytale come true when i grew up. now i am a adult i know better i was fooling myself.i once believed in fairy tales but now i know better.it was all a silly liitle girls dream to escape from reality.

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1 Response May 2, 2010

loneliness is one of the worst feelings.sometimes we can feel alone even with people around us.dont lose hope we all meet people along the way on our path called life.some who help us and teach us how not to be so alone all the time.i wish you happiness.