Everything's Not Perfect.

Yeah, I used to believe in 'em. Doesn't everyone? Maybe I just stuck to the princesses and butterflies and I never let go of it. Fairy tales and magical dust.. that's what got me. xD

Yet fairy tales now have no meaning to me. And my age isn't really a factor of why I shouldn't believe in fairy tales. I just.. Blah, how do I put this in words? It's like.. Hm. Like.. Nothing's real anymore. I started to think that maybe this fairy tale that my mom is telling me isn't really true at all. They feel like lies. And it turns out right. It's not true. It never was. Things started not to be "okay" and reality slapped me in the face.

Happy endings only end in fairy tales. Sure, there's your somewhat, non-average, mediocre family who has the perfect life of a house wife, a boy and a girl, and working father who always comes home at the same time and their patterns continue forever, but that type of tale seems pretty bullshxt to me. I'm not saying that they themselves are bullshxtty people, it's just the life they're living are.

Gah, how did I start comparing fairy tales to happiness? :p

Anyway, you don't have to be that family to be completely happy with yourself. I'm sure everyone once believed in fairy tales. Heck, maybe some people still do. But me? Nah, not really. What's to believe?
- That dreams can come true?
- You can do anything if you set your mind to it?
- Never give up?

It's the same old Disney-like shxt. xD

Anyway, I guess I've found my point across.. Things aren't always okay and you can either make it better or worse if you do or don't try.
I think I just contradicted myself. -____-"
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18-21, F
May 30, 2011