Fairy Tales Are Not What They Seem.

I use to believe In fairy tales. Who doesn't. I was alone In the world and so young and all I wanted was a fairy tale. I wanted parents to come and pick from the long line of kids. I wanted them to say oh sweetheart we missed you. It was an accident we lost you and we've spent your whole life looking for you. Then they would scoop me up and hug me tight and take me home to a beautiful home and we would live happily ever after.

As I got older and soon realized there was no parents out there searching for me I gave up on fairy tales. No one was going to rescue me and love me. I decided fairy tales are stupid and have no place in my life. Some maiden is always waiting on prince charming or some king father is looking for his fair daughter to save her and love her but life is nothing like that.

Then I got out on my own and saw the world was even further from a fairy tale than imagined and I contributed to the sad endings and loss of joy. I lived for me because no one else ever would. I did and said what I wanted. I never thought of another until one day along came my prince charming.

In the most unlikely form she came walking in on her horse of coffee and books. With a song in her throat and a voice to tame the beasts. Oh but I was not having any of it. I'd waited so long and it never happened I didn't believe it when it did. I closed my eyes and stuck my fingers in my ears and and like a kid said la la la la to ignore the prince standing in front of me. She was was a prince of epic proportions and she stood in front of me. She waited till I opened one eye and peeked. Then she pounced and forever became my prince who rescued me. 

Now I believe in fairy tales once again.but they do not look like the ones in stories so short lived,they have their pain and sorrow and it lasts much longer than imagined and they stay forever. They color our world and our thoughts. But the princes and kings, castles and gallant white steads are out there the key is learning to recognize them. See them for what they are and embrace them.

My prince died and left me alone in the world but my tale is not over. In her wake she left me friends and a companion. Some laughs and memories. They have branched out and brought me new princes in different forms. So the life of my fairy tale is not over but just beginning a new path! 
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So the life of my fairy tale is not over but just beginning a new path! <br />
<br />
no one could have said it better<br />
I luuuuuuuuv my Butterfly

This is awesome! You are so good and awesome! Way to go. Beautiful.