I Once Believed In Fairytales

I once believed in fairytales. i believed with all my heart that i could be a princess like the ones i read about in stories. i used to get all dressed up and hope that a prince would come find me and save me from the horrors of reality. it wasn't until i got older that i finally relized that fairytales don't truly exsist. the prince is a jerk who abandons the princess at the first sign of turmoil. the castle only looks good from the outside but inside it's empty and devoid of life. but you know who i found to be the biggest phony of all. me a little girl who wasn't of noble blood dressed in rags who had the nerve to call herself a princess!! sure it was fun at first to believe in fairy god mothers and magical kisses but in the end all i got was crushed dreams and lots of dissapointment. you want to know what's really sad? i wish i could be that little girl again. the one who would dance around in the living room by herself and pretend that someone else was dancing with her. who would force her mother to read her the same stories over and over again. the one who would go to school and tell her tormentors she was a princess and that one day they would all beg to be her friend but you know what that little girl died and left in her place was me. a plain, boring, goody too shoes with no friends. no social life and no one to talk too. so yeah i once believed in fairytales. i wish i still did.
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i had this same dream once...