I Once Dated A Person Whose Family Did Not Approve Of Me.

This topic applies to my first boyfriend, I was 16 and he was 17. I'm a mix of alot of races and he was Chinese. I knew we were young and well first loves hardly ever last. But his mom didnt want to give me chance. I guess the "inferiority" of my ethnicity was enough for her to threaten him his college tuition. Things ended horribly and up to today we dont talk. Oh well.  I jus hope he's happy and has met someone his mother approves of.. or I jus hope he hides the other one well. 
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No i havent what isit abt?

have you ever seen "shades of ray"?

Sounds like you have a beautiful family! :)

i married a woman whose father hated me her father was from an arab country her mother was from Italy,,we were married 4 years and had a daughter and he came to see her,then never came to my house again,,i would take my wife to her mom and dad's house at least every month to see her mom,but they never came to mine we were married for 21 years and had 4 daughters,,after about 4 or5 years they let me in their house,when we first got married they said their daughter was dead,,my daughters are part arab,ltalyian,american indian,and white,,they look mexican,,good looking girls,i have nine grand children,,ha,,ha ,one is part black, one is part mexican,all are part arab,,and GOD!! i love them ALL YOU CANT WORRIE about what the inlaws think,,