He Was 19

And I was 31...His room was strange..he had written stuff all over it..a bit off I'd say? But he was really nice at first, then got moody(that happens with guys I meet quite a bit!) I don't get it..I'm really nice to them...anyways, his parents didn't want us to go from his house in Long Beach to the cabin I was staying in up in Idyllwild..he told me they thought I was going to get pregnant and trap him..oh please? that is always the last thing I want! But he ended it on the curb outside his house..flicking a lighter over and over..I got in my car and drove back home..chewing two Nicorette at once and singing along to Radiohead boohoo

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1 Response Dec 4, 2010

Maybe they just did you a big favor............!<br />
<br />
Just a thought, they might have said that you would trap him but, hopefully, what they were feeling was he was just not suitable in his state of mind for any relationship. I like to think of things in this respect. Sometimes, it just takes the sting out of another's harsh judgment of us.