I Was Married To A Guy Whose Parents Hated Me

When we were dating at first his parents, or his dad at least, was cool with me. His dad knew about my family background and thought I was going to come into a bunch of money, so he was fine with us...at first. His mom hated me from the get go. They knew I was divorced and had an 18 month old, but they also knew I hadn't seen the ex in over a year. Everything was fine till the ex started coming back around. (He found out about our engagment and decided to try to weasel back in) He started to get visits with my daughter at my house. Well, my fiance at the times parents started telling him that I still had feelings for the ex husband and because of my daughter, there would always be feelings there. I even got in a heated arguement with his mother about it. When I told her I didn't have feelings for him, she told me I did and I told her that I loved her son and I was going to marry him whether she liked it or not. Needless to say, after that arguement, she hated me even more. His parents started telling him a bunch of stuff about me, which started causing problems in our relationship. One day out of the clear blue, we decided to elope, thinking once we were married, what could they do? (he was 32 and I was 21 so we weren't doing anything wrong) After that, it got way worse. We started arguing alot more because of the stuff his parents were telling him. They told him I was cheating on him  and that I was keeping him from his family. I kept reassuring him that it wasn't true and everything would chill out between us...till his parents found out. They even went as far as threatening to write him out of their will if he didn't leave me. After less than a year, I had enough, kicked him out and filed for divorce. His parents literally threw a celebration.

Thank god my husband now is not a momma's boy.

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I feel for him too because even though his dad passed away a couple of years ago, he has moved back in with his mother and she is still controlling his life. He was even living with a girl for awhile after our divorce and his mother actually offered a co worker of his $200 to get her away from him. I do feel bad for him to an extent. If he would have stood up to his parents from the beginning, he would probably have a life by now. So in a way, he let it happen. Maybe someday, he will find the nerve to stand up to mommy.

I feel for him. My first wife was hated by my parents and it eventually drove her away. I am happily married now, but I still miss my first love. I was young and too immature to stand up to my parents at the time. It was very painful