Things Can Change

Both my wife's family and mine were aginst our getting married. I don't think it was personal, just to do with the situation. She is a few years older than me and had been my teacher. I met up with her a couple of years after I left school and we started dating (I'd had a crush on her since I was sixteen). To complicate matters further she was from quite a well-off family. Gradually as we all got to know each other it all changed. Although I'm still not in a job that's as well paid as my wife, the fact that I work hard is enough for them. Now her parents seem to think the world of me and my mother is my wife's best friend. Just getting to know each other can change things, and a little charm can help too!  

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2 Responses Nov 12, 2009

thanks for pointing out that things DO change -- humans are flexible unless they choose not to be. :)

Glad to know that everything worked out well between the family. Family not getting along can make marriage difficult.