Had A Beard When I Was Younger!!

this must have been when i was about 18 or 19,  a year or so after i left school, i just decided to try grow a beard, you know like a sort of goatee beard, just around my chin, and a little moustache lol!!! nevertheless, it looked awful, and i did keep it for about a year or so lol, but then i shaved it off, to reveal my natural good looks again ha ha ha!!!

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10 Responses Mar 7, 2010

really? omg! I see men doing that when they are young and I'm like: don't! old men who shave look a lot younger and much better! so why do you do this being so young! In my opinion no men looks good with a moustache or a beard.

yes!!! lol!!! its good to be admired once in a while!!! lol

ahh well, its not my fault im such a good looking guy!!! and a little stubble doesnt do me any harm!!! lol

i know lol!!! : )

oh right!! everyone has their own taste lol

no, never tried a full on beard, but have had plenty times where ive had so much stubble cos i cant be bothered shaving lol, and it almost looks like a beard lol!!!<br />
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lol, isnt it amazing how the silliest things make you think of people you know!!! lol

i think i had it for just under a year, before i decided it wasnt for me!! : )

ha ha!! *shine* has a moustache!!! not that anybody would notice it lol, cos they would be too busy looking at your sexy teeth!!! lol<br />
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oh it was pretty bad, when i think back on it now!!! lol you always have to try things once!!! lol

lol, yes it is!!! and in case your wondering, no i dont have any photo's of me with that horrible beard!!! lol

you see, i found mine a bit irritating, and that played a big part in me deciding to get rid of it lol!!!