My Best Friend Of All Time

I had never had a best friend like him that i felt like i could tell anything too before.

We were bestfriends last year (2011). I had known him for a good while before that but we were never close until a bit before summer. Me and him, we used to hang out in his garage, my cousin rebecka would have been there from time-to-time aswel but she always got jealous i think when he payed more attention to me.

Another time we were in his garage, we were playing guitar hero, talking then he turned his sofa-bed into the bed to be more comfy and then we ended up spooning, i was so magical, it shouldn't have felt as good as it was because i had a boyfriend. I really didn't want to leave but then my cousins megan and rebecka came to his garage and told me granny was looking for me, i didnt want leave but i was already in enough trouble because they didnt know where i was. My cousin megan was jealous she started crying a bit on the way back because she previously had a crush on him and was only 'getting over him' even though they never even went out.

After that he was all i could think off not my boyfriend at the time. I really had strong feelings to kiss him and spoon again with him.

When we both were in relationships we still text each other every single day, we were always there for each other and told each other everything.

During the summer i went on a break with my ex then while he was on holidays for two weeks because i wanted to kiss jamie but jamie didnt want to, i felt so bad for asking him after that. He told me that things werent going to change or be awkward between us after me asking him but he said it would if we did kiss because we were close friends and now looking back on it, it probably would have been awkward..

Also during the summer me, my ex, jamie, his ex and robbie (jamies friend) went camping and me and my ex had argued over something totally stupid, i was upset, i would have been less upset i think if i hadn't of drank, i was only a little drunk at this time though, but yeah, when i was upset i left my tent and went for a walk up the field and sobbed my eyes out. I texted jamie to come up because i need to talk to him, when i saw him i began to smile. I told him what had happened then he hugged me, he had no top on and it was magical, i didnt want him to stop hugging me, his body was so warm.

When his ex broke up with him he rang me, even to this day i have never heard someone as upset as he was, he sound terrible.

there is soo much more i could write but this would be so long. let me know if you would like to hear the rest be rating it up or commenting

ps. we're not close anymore and i hate it!!
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Sep 9, 2012