THREE-WAY Hell I Once Had a Five-way

It really happened . . . totally unplanned . . . truly a remarkable event . . .

It was several years ago, I was stationed in Okinawa and was in Korea for some training. The training objectives had been met ahead of schedule and I had about a week to cool my heels and do some R&R so I went down to Seoul to see the big city lights.

The US military haw this BIG hotel up on the hill over the I Tae Won entertainment/shopping district, the Dragon Lodge - it was built with thje profits from the PX and Morale/Welfare/Recreation programs. The place is all glass & marble inside, with a BIG game room full of poker machines and one-armed bandits.

Korean women flock to those machines like flies and Korean women are renowned for their beauty so there was no shortage of skirt for me to trawl.

Now I don't normally stalk women like a lounge lizard but something else I happen to know about Korean women is that they are possibly the most sexually aggressive women on the planet - they hunt men the way a man hunts women.

Having said that I sat down at a poker machine next to this hot forty-ish-looking Korean mama and struck up a conversation. To make a long story short she took me home to her apartment - a tiny two-room affair, I was surprised she even had hot water.

I can still remember her beautiful body, her cream-colored skin, her lovely pair up front - I'm sure they were bought and paid for, they were incredibly firm for a woman her age, without a hint of sag.

She went down on me with a smile and then we ******* in all the positions - she was particularly fond of doggie. I still can see her round *** in the air as I threw her the gaff.

When it was over we showered together - Korean women are fastidiously clean - and she brought me a beer, which I enjoyed in bed with the sheets up about my waist. Meanwhile she was on the phone and starts jabbering away unintelligible to me.

Next thing I know the doorbell rings and my new lover lets in one of her girlfriends. They're going on like a house on fire. All I can do is sit there and smile, raise my beer bottle, I couldn't very well get up. Next thing I know the new honey is down to her black lace bra & panties and climbing into bed with me.

While New Girl and I get acquainted Honey gets back on the phone and jabbers away. Next thing you know there's two more birds walking in the door, stripping down to their undies and getting involved in the sack action.

I rotated in and out of those four Korean women all afternoon and into the night, dispensing ******* until my balls were drained and I was totally satiated. Five-way.

They took me out to a late, late night dinner afterward and poured Soju rice wine down my throat like it was water, I was the king at that table let me tell you.

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wow!<br />
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friends share... friends care... lol<br />
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What a wonderful memory !

good on ya, lucky man.

I bow to you both...

OK. Share your story with me. I have had an unplanned 4-some. So I know how it can just happen without even expecting it.