Road Trip

My friend kace Asked me to take her car to the shop for her sence she had to work and was going out of town. I said sure and thought to my self I can be sat on for almost 16 hours and she not know so when I got the car back I took the bench seat cusco out cut a hole the size of me ( I'm short ) out and put it back. I took her car back gave her the key went outside got into place and waited for the inevitable. I heard the car door open and then blam all her wait on my face and she doesn't know I'm their. She goes to her house packs her bag I guess it seemed like an hour until she came back and them we were off. Still not knowing I was their. About 2 hours pass and I was in heaven. I was being crushed by a friend who was heavier then me and side tone I was their. I got a text from her saying hay I'm half way their. And I said nice. She was unaware I was under her the whole time. When she got their. She got the item she went fore and was on way back home when all I remember was smelling a horable stince. I forgot she was into panty pooping and pooped her pants in the car. Now I was being crushed by a girl with poop in her panties. I had to deal with the smell until we got home then I sent her a text asking her how was the trip and she said how was being under me for that long. She knew I was their the whole time. When she sat down she could feel me breth. She said she liked sitting in me full force and pooping on me too and said I can do it anytime I want too.
redneckthongboy redneckthongboy
18-21, T
May 10, 2012