I Lost The Spelling Bee Today (march 9, 2010)

I lost my spelling bee TODAY. The reason being that one judge mispronounced the word (croesus). And because of this, I HaVe NO mORe ChanCES At winning!!! There were 14 kids left not including me; Ispelling bee today would have DOMINATED them by storm. But I lose the chance @ $30,000, and a SAVINGS BOND :((((((((((( 

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I lost it once too but there's always next year!

Lucky :) Next year is my senior year of high school... and they don't do spelling bees for high school kids. So I enter poetry contests and submit my work to put my name out.

Hey Guys, Check out the Mirle Shivashankar, a.k.a. Kavya’s Dad personal website.... his website and blog might help all the budding spelling bees :) <br />
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Angelica I'm in high school now. I don't think they do spelling bee competitions with high school kids. When I posted this last year I was in 8th grade and knew this was my last chance to do it big. But i failed at it. And i will never have this chance again. But the day after i lost i read an article on Yahoo about a former Catholic priest who became a chemist and won 1 million dollars and the Templeton Prize (some science award). So i KNEW i had big things ahead if i could beat 1500 kids from my school. :)

Well, today I lost a speeling bee with a "stupid" word: demostration...I always do that so quickly, so I made a mistake for being so acelerated. Let's wait a next time...We'll win better things:)

I feel bad for you.....it is a great feeling to win a spelling bee, and I can tell you that in fifth grade, I could have won for my elementary school, but I deliberately misspelled the word on purpose because I knew my parents would not get me to the next level in another town......they simply were not able to do it....so I gave the chance to a boy who I knew would at least give it a good try.....I don't really regret doing that, because I knew that it was for the best, and I didn't need the win to make my life complete...at the time...it was no big deal to me at the time....and all these years later, it still isn't....but, we didn't have 30k riding on it either....we probably were only going to win a ribbon or some lame thing.....back in 70, they didn't give away money......what a lame year!