I Know: I Did A Dumb Thing

There I was, 15 feet up a shaky ladder, with the Store Manager holding it steady, trying to mend a broken fluorescent light fitting on the ceiling of the store.

As a junior casual employee of 16, I should not have been there, that high up and repairing electrical equipment, but this was back in the days before Occupational Health and Safety regulations were tightened up. And he was the Manager.

I'd been replacing failing fluro tubes, and found this particular fitting was cracked, so the tube would not stay in its slot. The Manager had taken a tube of superglue from a shelf and ripped open the packaging and handed it to me. So up I went, tube in hand, to do the job.

The ladder was only just tall enough for me to reach the fitting, so I had to stretch to guide the superglue nozzle towards the crack. I lined it up and squeezed the tube. And nothing happened. I craned my neck to see what the problem was , and squeezed again. And harder...

...and suddenly the crimping on the bottom end of the tube gave way, and half the superglue fell straight down towards my face. Some part of my brain saw the glob of glue descend towards my eye before my brain could register what was going on, and in a reflex, I closed my eye.

I felt the glob of superglue hit my eyelid and trickle down and across my cheek. I smelled the almond-smell of it as it trickled past my nose and stopped, thankfully, before it reached my lips.

My eyelid was glued shut, which made getting down the ladder that much tougher, and the superglue tube was stuck to my thumb and forefinger.

Thankfully, someone in the store knew that nail polish remover would dissolve the superglue, and my fingers were freed and my eyesight restored within a few minutes.

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8 Responses Jan 17, 2010

Actually, GLB, there was no pain involved -just a degree of discomfort, and a fair amount of fear: I was scared for a while that I might never be able to open my eye.

that's good....I can't imagine what it felt like...thought that it had to hurt and I hate the thought of pain..

I believe the remover -acetone- was applied with care on a cotton bud, GLB, and I kept my eye clamped tight shut until it was finished and wiped away.

didn't the nail polish remover get into your eyes and irritate them?

I think they may have contacted a professional repair person, clarkee.

good thing about the nail polish remover. so did the manager finish the job?

...super..! ;)

aww :O(