Smelling Cute Girls Bike Seats

When I was about 12 years old, when ever i seen a cute girl riding her bike, i would think of ways that I could get close and smell her , so I i remember thinking that a way to get close, and smell her was to find her bike and sniff and lick the bike seat. This was such a great turn on.....I would start by smelling the seat and would slowly work down to the Small area of the seat where I would encounter nicer smells..I remember smelling such a beautiful mix of smells of sweat and dirt and would then lick the seat to have a taste.  Of course.....Your mind plays a part in the fantasy, and this is what I am thinking while I'm smelling the seat........ "There is No Escape" " I am stuck here" " This beauty is crushing me" " I'm constantly hear for her support" "She grinds on me and moves back and forth" "Sometimes she stands up on the peddles, and I can breath for an Instant....But then she plops right back down on me" "Your Killing me sweetheart and you don't even know" "Don't worry, just do what you do best sweetness....I'll hold you up" "Every once and a while she will pass gas on me" "Some days are really bad with the gas.....It never seems to end!" "Sometimes she stops to chat with a friend.....and just sits with her full weight on me for what seems like for ever, and i almost pass out" "Her friend "Jennifer" saw me today, just laying there and decided to sit on me" "But, there is nowhere I can go.....I guess i will just to serve her over the next couple of years while she grows" " I will be at her beck and call".....This is what a seat would say if it could talk!
Keep in mind that this happened when I was 11 or 12 years old! 
{Annapolis Maryland} 1973 
Smother69 Smother69 51-55, M Jan 20, 2012

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