Isn't that gross!  My husband and I went camping on Santa Cruz Island for 8 days.  There is no shower, but there is the ocean.  After hiking and the dirt and port o potties, I was ready for a shower by the time I got home!  Yeah lovely honeymoon.  But, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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Yeah we slept in tents. Anything we packed we had to take on the boat and then hike with it to the campsite which was 1/2 mile from the dock. The campground is only about 15 to 20 sites all spread out, so it is never crowded. They do have a fresh water spigot so you don't have to carry your own water to cook with, so that is nice.

That beats a hotel with elevators any day.<br />
Did you sleep in tents or what?

As much as we could. Some of it is under wilderness protection, so we couldn't go there. But, we hiked 4 miles to a beach on the other side of the island. No one else was there, absolutely beautiful. We went back the year after with some friends, and they loved it as well.

Wow, that sounds fantastic....the camping part anyway.<br />
Did you backpack all around the island?