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People hardly use MP3 or MP4 Player, People's life have been changed with technological advancement. Now more and more would like to people use tablet pc, everywhere, which means that it is better than some electronic product in some ways.

Onda VX580W is tablet pc, which has a MP4 player that has been on the market on 1st, May, 2011. Users can achieve browsing Internet, online chat, interactive games and application download that will bring us online life experience. In addition, Onda VX580W is the smart MP4 machine first built-in WiFi module network. Onda has reduced the using difficulty and risk of loss, has increased the compatibility of the machine and strive to improve the user's Web experience.

For this tablet , it applies Android 2.2 platform, which tries to be a new era of mobile intelligent, and supports WiFi wireless network applications and external 3G network. You can surf the internet without difficult. it supports ten of thousands of games. If you are free you can download all games you are interested. Moreover, its 720P HD video will bring you the online video enjoyment. It can play more than ten kinds of video of encoding format and supports many video format. Lastly, it is absolutely utility software and portable office entertainment platform. It satisfies many users. Through the installation of various software tools, VX580W can support Office software, document reading and editing everything at the same time. You can experience the web browser, news reader, online video, QQ chat, interactive blog, microblog, SNS, file downloads and other network applications after your MP4 connects to the network. I think it is absolutely a good daily tool. So if you have been interested in it , login mystore365.com.
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Dec 5, 2012