One Voice Charter

I put the One Voice Charter on a question and answer site and received back these criticisms. I thought you might be interested.

The Question:  Read the One Voice Charter, then ask yourself what does it mean?  Did I really understand it? Do they want me to understand it?
What is your opinion?  

The One Voice Charter of The Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education.

    This paper represents a segment of discovery observed through dissertation research.
1 The current focus, herein, specifically conveys the vital need for a pedagogy of language that enables educators as well as students to negotiate Self and Other through communication and dialogue within a
unique speech community formed in classroom dynamics.
    More precisely, a gap exists demonstrating the lack of vision in recognizing that educators are Interpersonal Communicative Practitioners within
classroom communities of speech. This absence of understanding the critical role of communicative
connection is reflected in classrooms around this country from K-12, and within colleges and universities.
Most disastrous, is the loss of opportunities to improve educational and social inequities through effective
communication practices and action. The breadth of research investigated crosses all academic
disciplines; with a concentration on communicative studies, sociology of language, education theories,
cultural, critical, race, sex-gender studies, as well as emancipatory pedagogy and praxis. 
The topic is much too vast for a comprehensive discussion herein. Therefore, fundamental research and experiential knowledge concerning the role of educators as Interpersonal Communicative Practitioners is demonstrated. Pivotal areas include: Understanding and Negotiating Self and Other, Ritual of Social
Interaction, Classroom Communities of Speech and Emancipatory Pedagogy and Praxis.

One critic said:

   " I Agreed. The author(s) of this attempt at obvious obfuscation are basically chasing their tails. It literally doesn't really mean anything. Interpersonal communications, or speaking to one another in a manner easily understandable and actually communicating an idea or knowledge is what teachers do. I mean 'Classroom Communities of Speech and Emancipatory Pedagogy and Praxis?'  Was this written by, attorneys? psychologists? Congress? Class room communities of speech is almost oxymoronic. It's a load of crap and seems to be something to confuse teachers and administrators and could probably be used to control teachers and their lesson plans and subject matter."
Another critic:
  "In my opinion: This charter is composed in words (jargon) that pretend to be intelligent and knowledgeable but are really obfuscations meant to confuse and guide the Teachers/Educators away from authentic and real reform.  It is the same strategy and jargon that the bureaucrats, educational psychologist and the Feds have always used to confuse the Teachers/Educators and to keep them under their thumbs."
What another critic said after reading The One Voice Charter:
     "I can certainly see why you're concerned. I think it reads like a syllabus for a course in an Education degree plan, in effect, a course for students who are trying to become teachers."
   Unfortunately, it was written by one of those B.S. artists who dominate sales offices, public relations firms and government. Maybe it's part of that whole "No Child Left Behind" cult."

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Jul 20, 2010