Online Affair Just Stopped

I'm married and have 2 kids, at work a supplier was emailing/calling me about work and it went from there. He would be flirty and ask for my mobile number every time we spoke. I was upfront with him and told him I was married and he said it would only be texting. On every email he sent he would include his mobile number. After few weeks I texted him. I enjoyed the attention and felt good going to work knowing that I could text him.
After few weeks my husband seen some texts and went mad, he left me and came home next day telling me to leave work and never contact other man again. Told him that I'm not leaving my job but that I wouldn't contact him again. He was aware that my husband found out and aske me what his problem was as there was nothing in only texts and am I going to let him choose my friends. After 2 weeks I started texting him again. I was always saying that I would never meet him as I wouldn't cheat on my husband, then things got worse at home and I decided that I would leave my husband(not for online man but because I wasn't happy) our texts were getting sexier and I told him I wanted to meet him - he seemed really keen- I spoke to him wed evening and then sent him about 4 texts telling him that I wanted him. Since then he hasn't texted me or emailed me. I phoned him once and he didn't answer. I am now really confused. Was he only interested in chasing me and now I also want him he has lost interest?
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Feb 16, 2013