I Am Wondering If I Should Meet Someone I Met Online

I am a foreigner in this country and met someone off the internet. Everything tells me that nothing could come of this relationship because of my general pessimistic outlook on life, or perhaps my inherent realistic nature. When I used to live in China, I also met a Chinese man from the internet. We talked online the entire summer (I can speak Chinese), and I remember imagining him to be this strapping young film director. I did forget to ask him his height and whether he was actually physically fit, and was, yeah maybe, a little disappointed to see that he was kinda physically weaker than I am (I'm from the US btw). Anyway, I did really like this guy, but I realized that we cannot become carried away with our fantasies and our imagination that our ideal partner is just who we are Skyping with. I met my second boyfriend in China via the internet, and that worked better than I had hoped. Now I'm in another foreign country and am wondering if I should meet this fellow I've been chatting with online. My prospects of living here and settling here (Germany) seem much more likely in China, but I still do not speak German very well, and that makes me hesitant to meet a local. I am just indecisive about the entire thing, but I like his online personality a lot, he speaks English very well, and in his pictures he looked cute. Guess the only way to solve this is by meeting him...
spaceisfinite spaceisfinite
Dec 10, 2012