I Am Who I Am..

I'm not going to change who I am for somebody, if they don't like me then, that's kind of too bad for them.  I love who I am and nobody can change me.

"I am who I am and that's something that you can never be."

Just a quote I've heard before.

Thanks for reading! =]

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

ThaLonelyStoner..I agree with you on that but I believe that sometime in your life you will be rewarded for the things that you've done..It might not feel like it though..good luck.

I disagree with following "the golden rule" theory in the above comment, for the simple fact that I was told that in 7th grade, and I did just that, and for 10 years it has gotten me no where but ran over, society has changed dramatically since "the golden rule" was made. So to the story sharers I say, dont limit your life with rules weither golden or not!

All you can do is be who you are! Just live a good life by the golden rule and you can't go wrong! I bet you're a beautiful person! :-)

Here here!