One Meal A Day

Some 20 years ago I had a temporary work project that made it difficult to eat at work, so I ended up eating one meal after work and before going to bed, to my surprise I became healthy fit and slim, when 6 months later that project finished I decided to stick with my one meal a day, however many times, due social pressure and circumstances I would stray from my regime, and everytime I did I would put on weight and become lethargic, until eventually I would become disgusted with myself and go back to one meal a day.
The advantages of one meal a day are when you body gets used it, you won't feel hungry until the evening, then you can eat until you feel satisfied, no hunger that you get with dieting, plus you have much more time during the day not having to worry about food, and you can concentrate on that one good healthy meal to make for the evening.
I am now 66yrs old slim fit and active, I believe one meal a day not only keeps you slim and fit, but also slows down the aging process.
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I started this one meal a day diet yesterday but I have done it before and I have lost 8kg. This time I am sticking to this way of life forever and only eating one meal in the evening forever. Last night I didn't eat all day and had a chicken burrito for dinner. Today I haven't eaten all day and I am eating chicken schnitzel for dinner with chips and veggies. This is the best way to eat because its easy to do and you don't have to count calories. I just eat one plate of food a day. Then you have to be using more calories than you are consuming. I cant wait to lose weight. I lost a little bit yesterday after my first day . I cant wait to get down to my goal weight of 60kg.

Hi, my first day today it is just after 1clk I'm not hungry just bored, I really want to do this. And it seems better then a diet where I have to count calories, so tonight I'll have supper and see how it goes any more info u guys can give me that has been doing this for some time please cause it is just Day 1 for me .

Hi, I just started this and am on Day 4. I am down 7 lbs. and feel great. I eat my meal at dinner time. I drink oolong tea with lemon juice all day during the day. I feel this will be the solution for me to lose the weight. I really feel more in control. Glad to find someone that shares this.