SPIDERS im deathly afarid of spider but only when there in my house anywhere and when there in eye sight

18-21, M
4 Responses Feb 23, 2010

him suck **** or wet the bed guess i better get on my knees when your bi that kinda become a compliment but after im done with you mom ill make sure i grab some dipers on the way home cuz we wanted to wait til you grow up and stop wetting but we didnt want to wait that long so......im your daddy .......sry

Go tell your mommy to clean the house so you can get rid of the spiiders or better yet get off your big lazy butt and clean up thats stop sucking di_k

tell your mommy to stop changing you when you pee the bed then i have a solution step on them i dont know what you can do maybe a new diper ill put it on my list <br />
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you wont win against me on insulting comments