Anal Sex Only? It Would Be Wonderful But(t)...

Anal sex, once you've tasted it, and particularly with women since their smell and the roundness of their buttocks are just delightful (unless you're abwsolutely gay), is far superior for the penis to any other form of sex. It is soft, tight, non-reproductive, you're not just limited to back-and-forth moves but can enjoy all the squeezing the sphincters and rectum can provide...and you can make it last a long time, alternating with caresses, kisses on the back, and spanking.
However, any normale male, even preferring anal sex as I do, has to recognize that females have four bodily orifices that can be used for sex - the fourth one, the peehole, being mostly used for *********** and inserting your little finger only. So it would be unfair to deprive one of her holes of ****, and sex should be a balance between oral, vaginal, and anal - plus of course a dose of nonpenetrative sex, even in hetero relations (since non-penetrative sex is prominent in lesbian relations).
Except with a new partner, for a short period of time, as a way to express your love and tenderness, and of course in order to reproduce, I find vaginal sex extremely boring. I like ham but my mouth would be fed up eating the same ham time and time again every time I'm hungry. So why should I find putting my penis in the same wet hole time and time again, with the same ******* back and forth movement, exciting? Sex should be diverse and multicoloured. A blend of handjobs and ********, anal sex and vaginal sex, and other activities, from long massages of the whole body to *********** and anything else apart from painful or violent acts that we can think of. But love shouldn't be limited to a glans slipping past a pair of lips and being shaken until it remains to define proportions of each form of sex according to the couples concerned. I, for one, know I couldn't stay with a partner unless she agreed to at least 50% of receiving anal sex.
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Variety is the spice of life ! i agree, oral , anal , vaginal, spanking, role playing and even public sex keeps the happy horny couple smiling and ******* !