Creeps Me Out

LOL! I just ran across someone declaring that they have 'many EP accounts'. What does a person do with so many accounts? What do you do if your a friend of someone who has multiple accounts, do you have to 'friend' them all? That would be redunant. I think I'll sit out the Shakespear dramedies and make the most of my one EP account.
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I have found that I can not keep up with one and I am not punting out fake stuff I want to be real like my life

You wrote in Patients that it allows you acceptance. Your comment shows that you dont have acceptance or someone having mulitple accounts wouldnt creep you out. Tell me how it affects you in any way. If it does you really need to take a second look at yourself. The chance of you ever meeting one of these people is very very slim. There are so many things to worry about in this life. People with more than one account shouldnt be one

In some cases how does one know if they've befriended the same person more than once? Interesting decision on the multiple account person which account do they sign in to today??? It might explain some of the accounts which have light profiles, though.

Marji, o SORRY got it now, you are Sweetcitywoman!

JRJ, LMFAO! O wait, you might be right for some folks. Could EPeeps get extra points by creating extras accounts? Extra accounts could be like a mafia racket or something!

OOO Marji, Who else are you? This is intriguing!

Well, maybe some people are so lonely they have to create their own friends :D<br />
Must be fun commenting on their stories too... :P