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Put Your Mind At Ease

It has been brought to my immediate attention that a few of you think I might have ANOTHER user name in here. Let me ASSURE you... I am ONE person, using ONE user name!

Some have become suspicious that "I" am also the member: loyd. Let me set the facts straight here now! Loyd is my biological mother! Anyone that has read my stories or has seen my groups KNOWS I respect, admire, and uphold my Mother! I WOULD NOT belittle or demean my REAL Mother by being dishonest, or try to impersonate her!! We are 2 seperate people, with 2 seperate names, with 2 seperate lives!

And while I have the chance, I'd like to make something else clear. Just because me and loyd are kin, are in EP around the same times, and do it from the same work building.... we DON'T divulge other members' secrets, we HAVE our own circle of friends, and we DON'T keep up with each others Personal Profiles. So please keep in mind we are individual... do not assume that if you tell one of us something, we will instantly run to the other to tell.

Me and loyd have enough drama in our REAL personal lives... we come here to briefly escape and put away those dramas. We don't need nor WANT to bring un-neccessary, ignorant drama to the EP round table! And pretending to be someone else is as dramatic and decietful as it comes! It's hard enough being ME... being my Mother is IMPOSSIBLE!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 14 Responses Jul 30, 2008

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LOL, Cherie. This story is a couple of years old. But at one time people DID think me I was signing in and out as Em/Loyd. I understand people's general suspisions on this subject, though. Some people DO have multiple user names. I don't know why. But it can leave us suspicious or wary. And so ironic that this story popped up again now, because I was just asked yesterday if I was ANOTHER member! LOL.

how did this even happen, people thinking you're impersonating your mother? i can't even believe this group exists.

Very well spoken...and it needed to be said! Thank you!

Well only if you say so Loyd!!!

Thanks to all for the great comments! As for you LNG, I'm so proud, you spelled every word right! Whyyyy, you're just a little darlin aintcha?

Frog you can hug me anytime.


I like both Em & Loyd... They are both Dolls

THanks ya'll for the support and understanding here! :)

OMG! I soooo am NOT going there with you right now, loyd! :O<br />
Trees, DON'T bring Mama if she MIGHT take ya away! :O Twould be a hole of darkness at the EP round table!

Insinuate away! I was VERY young when I had you, um like 9!LOL

LOL. Thanks TF!! *bows at applaud* heheehee. <br />
Seriously.... YES, SOME members in here thought I was taking on a second identity! True, me and loyd think and speak alot alike.... but she's WAAAAAAYY ahead in the game of life! Uh.... not that I'm insinuating "old" here, Ma! ;P

*rolls eyes* WHat'd I tell ya??!! She's got an answer for everything! :O

Ditto...from your'impossible' mother!LOL( I just love to comment on your stories!)