My left arm is missing a little below my elbow. 99% of the time I get along just fine without my hand because most of the time I use a hook prosthetic but when I got up at 4am this morning I thought I was going to lose my mind trying to get the tooth paste open.. UGH
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If you done mind me asking, but were you born like that?


No, lost it in an accident not long ago. I don't mind you asking. I understand that people are curious.

Thanks, some people just get really affended when others ask

Really? I've never known any other amputees that got offended unless the person was rude. Sometimes the person hasn't come to terms with the loss of the body part. Imagine, all your life you look in the mirror and you are 'whole' then one morning a part of you is gone.. and gone for ever. It is very stressful but I don't know any amputees that are offended by the honest question of 'how did that happen' and if they are offended.. screw them

Sorry to read of your loss - my late wife lost her leg and hip to cancer so I understand how hard it can be to adapt but I'm sure you will.

Available for friendship if you wish - best wishes

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