I only have one profile on this site; two or more would be too much and complicated to upkeep in anyway.

But I have noticed a common trend amongst CYBER BULLIES and online stalkers to create MORE than one account to SPY on and keep on harassing those who BLOCKED them.

Seriously you must really LOVE me then to be such a sick s/h/i/t dumb arse!!!

If you did NOT get the message yet - I AM NOT INTERESTED in your worthless arse so stop trying!!!

And if you keep on TRYING to get a response or attention from me after YOU KNOW YOU WILL GET NONE then you are clearly an IDIOT.

I despise you and others of your kind!!!!

Always thinking others owe you something; like we exist for you and only you to toy with!!!


I think you are RETARDED and severely mentally fu/c/king challenged when you think we LOVE YOU and demand love when you are CLEARLY HATED like the pest.

Desperation makes you look like SAD and being an attention deficient W-H-O-R-E suffering a severe case of inferiority complex mixed with some twisted spice of narcissism that is CLEARLY NOT WORKING FOR YOU YOU SICK F/u/c/k...

Can you not see IT IS NOT working for you acting like a child demanding attention wherever you go from people you make to HATE YOU because of your outrageous BEHAVIOUR TANTRUMS screaming -look at me; look at me- WTF seriously we do not want to look at you nasty stinking FACE rotting with corruption; we loathe your very presence so please f/u/ck OFF silently and quickly before you make an even greater fool of yourself...

You are like a baby with a wet nappy filled with c-r-a-p wanting someone to rid you of your obvious discomfort concerning your identity issues thinking yourself some saviour or guru here to save and LOVE the world when you all you do is spread HATE and become HATED wherever you go!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

do message me with said bullies name as I do so enjoy a good joust with an unarmed opponent...and occasionally a fair maiden likes a shining knight to ride to her rescue( ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE DOCENT NEED IT) lol.