Full Bladder Sex

I absolutely love the feeling of sex on a bursting bladder, and if the woman also has a bursting bladder the sex is just outstanding.

It all starts out by us both getting full and desperate to pee, once we are desperate to pee then we can start the foreplay and get ourselves even more aroused. This is not hard because when a woman has a full bladder it will usually push and pleasure the G-Spot from behind, and when we move into having sex her G-Spot will get even more stimulation from the penis rubbing on it. After having intercourse for a while, and some small ******* later she will usually start to have a massive ******. While in the middle of her massive *******, her bladder will start to empty, and at this point the hot streaming pee will stimulate her clitoris, forcing more ******* and her bladder to empty even faster. She will be spraying pee all over your penis, pelvic area and stomach. All of this stimulation will of course bring you to ********* a few times back to back, and your bladder will also release inside of her. At this point the woman might start to have a stimulation overload and just go crazy, because you are peeing inside her, she is peeing as well, she is still in a major ****** and you are shooting your load at the same time. Just ride all of this out and enjoy it to the very last drop, at which point she will most likely collapse on you and you two can lay there and just think about what happened, and how to make it happen again... :)

If any females in Colorado or immediately surrounding states would like to try this don't be afraid to ask, or if you just have questions about full bladder sex hit me up.
IcemanM IcemanM
26-30, M
5 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Yes, once you ***, holding a very full bladder becomes impossible!

I'm f and this is my idea of heaven!!

honestly... that sounds pretty hot and i would TOTALLY DO THIS.. if i weren't still in high school... i'll have to try this some day. god it sounds like ecstasy!! :)

I'm in HS too and I want this so bad

A full-bladder ****** is very intense for a male, too.

Very few comments from ladies on this story, which makes me incredulous. I know lots of women love it, where are you?