Stalking You

The walls have ears...

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
37 Responses Feb 18, 2010

That was your own fault...

mah dignity!

mah pillow...

damn... this feud goes deep doesn't it....

you are in high spirits today.

no way!

simmer down!






to bad to speak of.

What pillow incident???/

no she wiped with it too...

That musta been some fart!!!! Had you been eating his nachos or something?

It was my room... You came in and defiled my pillow then call me a pervert for having security set up?


I has pictures!

Apparently I farted on his pillow, yet I will not admit to that.

She made my pillow brown with her bum.. I have no idea what motivated her to do this, but i am deeply hurt.

You beat him up with a PILLOW????


It so was.<br />
<br />

Whatever lion it was that you bested it wasn't myself!

That seems to be the situation. However, I have defeated the lion before, I am sure I can do it again

She tried to blame you redhead for what she did to my pillow..

So now there's a couple of you not admitting to things....

I never admitted to the pillow incident!

A shoe for a pillow. Pay back! but i will never admit to it...

did you do lion doodoo all over the floor again Arorin..what have we told you about doing this?

better watch out you are about to step in poo... some ninja..

It might? Ah, then I guess my ninja skills will be put to the test

it might amuse me to do so.

Remember to not go for the ninja with the red shoes

back to the shadows i will wait. Watching, and listening to all.

They do?!